Just got my Cintiq Pro 24 on an arm finally, after killing my neck for weeks looking down. I like the little pop out legs that come with tablet, but long term drawing were KILLING ME! Propped up at the proper angle I got some neck relief and got to work on turning my car in to a cartoon. There’s something about the exaggerated look that makes these types of drawing fun. The over sized sport wheels, the bubble like proportions of the body. FUN! Right? 🤔

Rediscovering my ‘Style’

In the same way that people who hear you speak for the first time might be able to recognize an accent, people who come across my work as an illustrator, claim to be able to spot a style. Some hidden (to me anyways) pattern of expressive and creative habits that come together on screen. To this day, I both have doubted that I have any discernible accent AND that I have any locked down illustrative style. Continue reading “Rediscovering my ‘Style’”

See it through.

I love it when I come across a creative project that inspires me to volunteer my services, but hate that moment that said inspiration seems to drain completely from my mind, leaving me wondering why in the world I ever agreed to help out at all. It doesn’t take that long either! After having gathered all the tools that will be needed, and taking a step back to see the larger picture, the reality of exactly what needs to happen to bring the project to life becomes all too clear. ZOIKS! Continue reading “See it through.”