See it through.

I love it when I come across a creative project that inspires me to volunteer my services, but hate that moment that said inspiration seems to drain completely from my mind, leaving me wondering why in the world I ever agreed to help out at all. It doesn’t take that long either! After having gathered all the tools that will be needed, and taking a step back to see the larger picture, the reality of exactly what needs to happen to bring the project to life becomes all too clear. ZOIKS!

An all too common phenomenon that keeps me from coming up with my own illustration projects, and makes me feel like I haven’t anything to offer the creative world. I’m fairly certain that if I would ever just master getting over this hurdle, I would find myself getting lost in my work, and actually enjoying myself.


I’ve gone and done it again though, offering up my talent for what promises to be a pretty awesome promotional movie trailer made up of illustrations. The layout of numerous storyboards made me take pause, and try to imagine the overall estimated time I would need to finish up. Weeks of time apparently. Hours and hours of putting the stylus to the drawing tablet, to reach my goal of helping a friend sell some books. In the end, I think that it’s the idea of lending a helping hand, that will propel me towards meeting my goal.

I do have to recognize that, thanks to modern technology, I have a much easier time organizing and executing illustration work. Which should, ::SHOULD ::inspire me to move forward, but just keeps me procrastination mode. Why am I writing in this blog right now instead of getting my wacky self on to the wacky Wacom? Ha! Some things will never change I guess. Okay, okay.. back to the digital drawing board.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 2.25.02 PM

That is all I can show, and only because it’s a treatment and not a final. I feel confident that once all the parts come together, this is going to rock!

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