Rediscovering my ‘Style’

In the same way that people who hear you speak for the first time might be able to recognize an accent, people who come across my work as an illustrator, claim to be able to spot a style. Some hidden (to me anyways) pattern of expressive and creative habits that come together on screen. To this day, I both have doubted that I have any discernible accent AND that I have any locked down illustrative style.

That’s my opinion, and my own daughter disagrees to the point of always wanting to see my interpretation of characters she loves to draw. It’s always a fun exercise that helps to pass the time, and I am in need of the practice anyways. My iPad Pro at the ready, I start to explore (in my mind anyways) the many ways I can accomplish my goal. Even if I cannot spot the similarities in my drawings, the method has pretty much been the same for decades. Sketch, refine and complete.

I find this process to be very relaxing, and by the time I have something worth sharing, I’ll post the doodle/drawing to my instagram. The differences in my attempts at each rendition make it really hard to spot a style. I went from line art, to the example below.

Both examples so far are so completely different, and odd. Even after completing the first two examples, I felt that I needed to switch from the iPad Pro, to the Wacom Cintiq for more control. I’m able to be more precise and find that I slow down the process to add more details.

I guess in the end, my style is to be completely random with the end result. You may get comic style, or you may get a more painted appearance. Or a combined version! 🤷🏻‍♂️

Whatever I end up with, it’s always fun to try and meet the challenge set forth by my eldest daughter, even if I can never really spot my style.

Here are Lillee’s renditions:

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