The Quick Doodle

The Little Elf

It would be hard to find an easier app to use on the iPad Pro as ProCreate. Man oh man I have found it relaxing and therapeutic to crank out the random doodle of the day. I’m still learning more about the tools offered in the app, but so far the standard options are fluid and intuitive. I try to create one doodle a day, in order to learn more, and to stay sharp as an illustrator. Continue reading “The Quick Doodle”

Rediscovering my ‘Style’

In the same way that people who hear you speak for the first time might be able to recognize an accent, people who come across my work as an illustrator, claim to be able to spot a style. Some hidden (to me anyways) pattern of expressive and creative habits that come together on screen. To this day, I both have doubted that I have any discernible accent AND that I have any locked down illustrative style. Continue reading “Rediscovering my ‘Style’”

So much for those original DNA results.

One second I’m 90% Native American, and the next… only 43%. The latest updates are in, and it seems they significantly changed from when I first got my DNA results. I can’t wait to see what happens in a few months to a year. I’ll suddenly have ancestry in Switzerland. Not that there is anything wrong with Switzerland!! I would love to visit, but come on! How reliable are these tests after all? Was I the only one shocked by the latest updates to these DNA databases? Continue reading “So much for those original DNA results.”