Ongoing Illustration Study

Ever since I started to draw I somehow got in to the habit of using lines to define my characters. A pretty common technique for cartoonists and comic artists I suppose, but it was always something that bothered me about my own drawings. Not that I was dissatisfied with things that I was working on, but I have always been fascinated by other illustrator’s ability to define a subject without the need for outlines.

Attempting to avoid using a definite line for shapes is SUPER HARD! No joke! I’m still so new at this, that I am starting small and creating simple illustrations that will help me acquire the skills I need to advance. Now that I have a sweet iPad Pro to work with, it’s as easy as just picking up the tablet and getting to work.

The illustrations I posted above are a start for me, and I think I was able to successfully define my characters. More to come, as I find that because I spent so much money on that freaking iPad, I am going to get my dollar’s worth out of it.

Happy Illustrating!


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