Leap Mac 🤓

Refurbished, and made to work at full capacity couldn’t bring the 11″ MacBook back to meet my needs as a mobile tech geek. I got that kitten purring, but didn’t realize just how underpowered that little laptop was. Fans a blaze over the simplest video playback, and other little quirky behaviors made me realize that I should stop trying to cut corners, and just invest in a new MacBook pro for the long haul.

Fresh out the box, and cloud synced I can now perhaps make my way forward. I guess this is what responsible grown ups are supposed to do right? Professional designers? Have all of the latest shit? I can’t help but feel like I’m needlessly overdoing it, but better prepared!


More freelance gigs are stacking up, and I feel like the summer is going to be spent on the road quite a bit, so I don’t feel too bad putting another device on the old credit. From illustration to logo design, it certainly pays to be prepared. Poor little MacBook Air, you would’ve probably chugged along for a spell, but then eventually.. DEATH.

Road warrior extraordinaire here, ready to make it happen! Coffee bar hopper, bouncing around all over the city, staring out of the giant store front window panes. People watching, taking in the fresh brew aroma and listening to the chatty atmosphere of millennial nation. Desperately searching for the nearest power outlet so that I may extend my stay here just a wee bit longer. I am the wifi riding nomad that you may have seen from time to time.

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