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A good friend and writer, Jason Salas, felt inspired enough to jot down some short blurbs about the recent iPad Pro illustrations I’d posted recently. Below you can read and also connect to Jason Salas online to pick up other works.

The Purple Haired Cowboy
The Purple Haired Cowboy

Juan Jane

“It’s not courage,” cried Juan Jane to his posse, “it’s duty!” Granted, his posse was not so much a posse as a mini-motley crew consisting of a Durd Bird and a Six-legged Yarn-Tailed Coif Terrier. Still, they were loyal and enthusiastic and happy to be a part of said posse.

Deep down, Juan Jane thought that it was, in fact, courage; chasing after the outlaws that not only stole his true love. Well, truth be told, the fair-skinned maiden Tawney was not his true love as much as she was his obsession. And, truth be told, she wasn’t stolen as much as she voluntarily got into the space stagecoach. And, truth be told, the men weren’t outlaws nor were they men, plural, but one man. And, truth be told, that man was her boyfriend Alex. And, truth be told, Tawney didn’t want anything to do with Juan Jane, not after he dyed his hair purple simply because she made the comment that she liked purple.

So, in actuality, it was neither courage nor duty, but a wild goose chase. The only silver lining would be that, if a wild goose were to be found somehow, he may be a part of the posse.

  • Jason Salas


Sugar Space Scene
Sugar Space

In Search of Phantasmic Flames of Feeling

One could search anywhere and everywhere for a Phantasmic Flame of Feelings. It seemed, at least to H2829-RP, that he had searched anywhere and everywhere. Space is a big place. That’s an understatement. Allow me to rephrase that: Space is a very big place. And H2829-RP had searched sectors one through 1,988 before finding the Phantasmic Flame of Feelings on the moon of planet Y-JAK-78.

The search had taken over three hundred and fifty years. Long enough for his old exoskeletal cranium helmet to deteriorate. The new one, a plastic model found on Crylon 2240 (earth to you and me), was fashioned for him by an amateur astronomer who was more than happy to have it 3D printed in exchange for some mediocre technology (mediocre to the inhabitants of Crylon 2240, not to H2829-RP, mind you).

Being a bio-bot, H2829-RP only had the three major feelings: pleasure, pain, and neutral. But now that he found the Phantasmic Flame of Feelings, he had access to so many more! He could feel hunger, fatigue, pressure, excitement, and many, many more. However, he would need to feel them with his bio-hand (i.e., no glove). And, unfortunately, the atmosphere on Y-JAK-78 is vaporized sulfuric acid. Exposure to such an atmosphere would dissolve the soft flesh of H2829-RP’s bio-hand as well as the rest of his exposed body.

  • Jason Salas

In future I may take some of Jason Salas’s writings and see if I can create a visual representation/ Illustration. Thanks for visiting.

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