It lives, but for how long?

Buying ANYTHING off of craigslist is a crapshoot for sure! There are plenty of things one can do to avoid the pit falls of buying used gadgets of course, but holy shit man, I don’t think anyone can be 100% sure they’re actually getting a good deal. TAKE FOR INSTANCE this bloody computer that I am currently typing this blog out on. Swollen battery from hell! 

So what happens when these Apple MacBook Air batteries swell up? Am I in for an explosion, or a leak of some kind? Is a fire suddenly going to burst out of this super thin casing? Bloody hell man! Not really sure that I would’ve been able to spot the problem before buying, and after asking that bloke who sold it to me several times if there were any issues, he just shook his head so I liked what I saw and hit the road.

Ebay to the rescue on a replacement battery, along with the missing bottom case screws, that should’ve been my first clue lol. Soon, this baby should hum along just fine after battery replacement surgery, and it was REALLY only meant to help me write in this bloody blog so… I think it was a pretty good deal considering. At least it turned on.. RIGHT?

I should also be happy that things didn’t work out so perfectly, since I actually like tinkering around with these machines. Looking at the inside of the MacBook Air, and other PCs that are also operating off of memory & or storage attached to the main board, reminds me of just how things are changing in the hardware department. Non upgradable for the most part, although, this MBA has a replaceable HD. The way these types of computers ware over time is all new to me, and very fascinating. What types of consumer computers are on the horizon? Everything eventually changes, but it should be fun to learn more.


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