Ever Evolving Living Space

I doubt I will ever feel 100% comfortable in my own space. Always work to be done. Always something not quite in the right place. I probably should be doing something more productive with my time, but I must throw hours away wondering if I’ve placed the accent chair at JUST the right angle. What else is missing? What more can be done with the arrangement of the living room?

It’s all for me really. So far, just a handful of people have ever stepped foot in to my apartment. I don’t host social gatherings. I don’t have mates over often and I certainly don’t plan to just yet. It’s all made to server my need to feel comfortable for the duration of my lease. I work from home and I want to feel cozy, even if for just long enough to realize that I could REALLY use more throw blankets… or pillows… or candles… or succulents. 😳 😌

Come to think of, it’s right time for a wine tasting (gulping) party! 🍷

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