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Lost Causes – The Last Stand – El Coyote, The Mighty Roadrunner & Penélope Paige
Lost Causes – Tumble of Fury – Radio Active Tumbleweeds Tumble in to town!

When you’ve got the full power of an iPad Pro and PLENTY of time on your hands, you get to work! Inspired by classic comic books covers, I thought I would attempt to conjure up some random covers based on whatever silly idea popped in to my head. From a roadrunner super hero to killer tumbleweeds, I think my brain has been permanently set to southwest or local ideas. That can’t be a bad thing as I don’t think you’ll find much in the way of El Coyotes and Killer Tumbleweeds!

I’m not planning on going beyond the covers personally, as these are really just drawing exercises aimed at getting my creative juices flowing, BUT I have challenged a writer pal of mine to see if he can take these covers and expand on whatever he interprets them to be. As for what I was thinking when I was creating the first of what I hope to be many more, was really a day dream of sorts of an odd place that exists only in my mind. A land of Lost Causes & other Misadventures. 

Here is a sneak peak at the next cover in progress.

Bored in Space
Bored in Space

bored in space

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