Clouded Cloud Users.

I read online today that Microsoft was going to try and compete with Google and the Chromebook. Well this sounds interesting, but I can’t help but think about how much of a mess people have already made of cloud computing. How something that was supposed to make life easier for people, somehow made things even more confusing. It certainly has introduced a whole new slew of IT style problems for me to solve, which I admit can be fun.. BUT

The average consumer has been slow to understanding exactly how to benefit from cloud based eco systems even if they’ve been using it for a bit now (smartphones and tablets). Maybe it’s taken a while to understand what the cloud is, and how it works? Maybe the cloud is only as good as it’s users comprehension/interest? A user’s willingness to care AT ALL about the benefits of having all of your data stored in one spot online that is accessible from any machine you log in to. An idea that probably gives people a cause for concern (big brother), rather than a sense of convenience.

I like to ask a lot of questions when I’m helping friends and family with their tech issues, and I can see their eyes gloss over when asked about their eco system maintenance habits. How are they organizing it, which brand are they using and how are they staying secure? Things of that nature. Most people I’ve dealt with have entered the cloud stage of computing with the worst habits learned at home over the last couple decades.

I’ve seen it all, and yet no one can really be blamed here. Starting new accounts, instead of recovering lost passwords. Leaving all of their important data on a outdated device in the closet, and starting over from scratch. Not applying security to their devices and always leaving them unattended. Using up ALL local memory and storage and not taking advantage of the free cloud space they are provided for free. I’ve seen it all.

Apple and other companies dove in fast and deep leaving people scrambling to figure it all out. Our need, as consumers, for tech to roll out the latest and greatest on an annual basis left most users behind in terms of understanding how it all works and worst yet, no one seems to care!

Usually there is only one tech person per family on average who gets wrangled in to IT duty, and that person’s services are always spread thin. We super heroes of the tech age cannot save everyone!!! Oh well, at the very least I have job security for a long time to come. That is until the newest technology takes over leaving all of us scratching our collective noggins.


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