Beats my ears up, yo!

Every year, Apple puts out a new slew of awesome accessories for their hardware, and the Dr Dre Beats Solo headset caught my attention! Sleek, small and according to reviews, decent sound. They also match the MacBooks and other machines in color and minimal style. Just cracked open the box of my new Silver Beats Solo3 Wireless, so let’s see what we have.

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I’m not going to pretend to be some kind of gadget reviewer, and these puppies have been out for a while now. Enough to have the prices dropping at major retailers, which is why I think I finally caved in and dropped the cash for a set. Man these things are packaged and promoted to move! I certainly fell for the aesthetics. Usually I stay away from over the hard head sets, because they tend to cut off surrounding sounds to an uncomfortable degree. This always makes me feel a little disoriented and cut off and so far even these compact headphones are doing just that.

I can learn to live with that disorientation for now, but DANG THIS BASS! Right out of the box, these bad boys are extremely bass heavy and that coupled with the loss of surrounding sound is making me feel like I’m trapped in another dimension. Every song now has a constant beat drum that I don’t think I was paying attention to before, for one reason or another. It’s shaking me up man!!

Apple’s iTunes is helpful with this issue, because I get to fudge with the equalizer, and make these headphones sound the way my 42 year old ears need them to sound, but when I hit up Youtube, or Pandora, I get no such love. It’s back to bass city. Maybe I’ve overlooked sound control in those instances, but I can’t help but feel too old for the constant ear drum pounding.

These are a pretty headset though, and that’s kind of what got me interested in the first place. The design is simple and small. The colors are pretty sweet, and the battery life is kind of amazing! I did NOT test the phone call option, because if you can’t hear yourself speak, due to the noise isolation, I fear that I may start yelling back at whoever is on the other end!

Just me!?  🙊

Okay, I might keep them, I might not, but at least I gave them a proper go. Can’t figure out why I grabbed the white and silver option, and not the black set… I’m a picky shite! 🤓

Update: I ended up taking the Beats back, and opting for the much cheaper Insignia Bluetooth Earbuds. The website says that I should get 12 hours playback, but the box says 6, there is no way to check the battery status and the build quality is exactly what you would expect for around $40. A $25 Best-buy birthday gift card made the price even more attractive, so if anything happens to them I won’t feel so bad. 🤣

I think that I really needed to keep with the Apple headphone ear bud style since they didn’t needlessly trap my ears in a wall of sound, and they feel more comfortable sitting, not squeezed (buds), in my ears. The sound, so far is impressive, and since I’m perfectly happy with the white standard in box headphones that come packaged with the iPhone, these were a perfect fit.

These wireless headphones should tangle nicely in my pocket with everything else. Right at home!

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