Ongoing Illustration Study

Ever since I started to draw I somehow got in to the habit of using lines to define my characters. A pretty common technique for cartoonists and comic artists I suppose, but it was always something that bothered me about my own drawings. Not that I was dissatisfied with things that I was working on, but I have always been fascinated by other illustrator’s ability to define a subject without the need for outlines.
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iPad Pro Cartoon

Please do not ask what in the hell I was thinking, cause I will not be able to answer. I just wanted to test out the Apple pencil and iPad Pro & this is what came out. Planning on so much more work to justify the hefty price tag of this metal and glass slate, and maybe take on some work eventually. This type of creative mess doesn’t happen very often, but I have to say that it’s pretty therapeutic. Continue reading “iPad Pro Cartoon”