5K iMac Madness

My new iMac is an incredible machine, but in the same way that all my past macs were incredible. It does the work I need it to do, with limited to no issues at all. The large screen real-estate is always welcomed, and now with the super high resolution, it makes my life even easier… BUT

… I’m learning more and more about these super high resolution screens, and how we may be buying more pixels, but that there are few people who can tolerate the highest resolution settings. I have excellent eyesight, if I might say so myself, but when the screen elements and text turn in to barely visible objects, things get ridiculous.

Apple set this computer out of the box to scale the elements up in order not to drive me or other users insane, which makes me wonder if we’ve already reached our limit in terms of resolution. Maybe a standard 1080p screen resolutions is about as sharp as it gets before even the youngest computer user, with the best eyesight, has to squint to read the text. Are we all being duped in to buying more pixels, only to never really use them?

The 4K TV I mentioned in the last post has also been teaching me the same lesson. The barely visible difference between playing back a BlueRay 1080P movie, and a 4K copy of the same media. The only time I can tell any difference is when fonts are being used in videos. The sharp edges of the typeface does stand out compared to 1080p’s fuzzy edges, but other elements tend to look almost exactly the same. There are plenty of articles about this issue floating around the internet, but I guess I had to see it for myself.

I find that I can tolerate the second highest setting on my iMac, and that any further and I will be suffering from eye strain lol.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.38.19 AM

Just for fun, I decided to attach the 4K LG TV to this iMac for a second display, and found that I had to adjust it to a more scaled setting because elements were just too small to see properly. Maybe I’m wrong here, and my age is finally starting to catch up in terms of eyesight. Maybe there is a 20 something designer out there willing and able to view screen elements just fine on the highest UHD settings. More power to you, who ever you are!

In the end, it’s nice to know that those pixels are there if I need them, and maybe it’s like spending way too much money on a sports car that you can never legally take to it’s highest speed for fear of the law, or death. 🤣

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